Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Gas Saving Tips

Top 10 Ways to Save Gas

  1. Inflate your tires to the proper pressure. Low tire pressure causes more friction, making your engine work harder. Also, wheel alignment and tire balance help your car roll smoother with less friction...and your tires last longer...saving you more money!
  2. Plan trips so you aren’t going back and forth. Hit the grocery store, dry cleaner and drug store all in one trip instead of three separate trips.
  3. Take all excess stuff out of the trunk. Less stuff means less weight for your engine to have to push around.
  4. Slow down. Slower speeds cause much less air resistance, thus saving you gas. Anticipate stops so you can let off the gas pedal sooner. Coasting to a stop saves gas. For pickups, use a bed cover, remove the tailgate or use a net tailgate to minimize wind resistance.
  5. Change your driving style and save! Don’t be aggressive. Do you accelerate fast from each stop, then - need to slam on the brakes when you need to stop again? Do you weave in and out of traffic and hit the gas pedal to get around slower traffic, then hit the brakes to pull back in? Fast acceleration, slamming on the brakes and weaving from lane to lane are the biggest causes of fuel waste.
  6. Use cruise control on the highway. It can save a lot of gas simply by keeping you at a steady speed.
  7. Buy the lowest grade of gas approved for your car. Don’t waste money on higher octane fuel if all your car requires is regular. Make sure your gas cap is tight so there is no evaporation.
  8. Visit to find the lowest fuel cost in your neighborhood.
  9. Replace your air filter. A dirty air filter will restrict the air flow to the engine causing poor efficiency.
  10. Get a tune up. Old, fouled spark plugs will not ignite the fuel for maximum performance. Standard spark plugs should be replaced every 30,000 miles. Platinum-tipped or Iridium-tipped spark plugs should be replaced every 60,000 miles. A properly tuned engine is more responsive and gives you the best gas mileage.

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